Ich Denke Dein...

Claire Seymore / Opera Today

Oct 2, 2022

UK Premiere

24 Jul 2022

Ich denke Dein...

  • Elizabeth Llewellyn – soprano
  • Philharmonia Orchestra
  • Emilia Hoving – conductor

Hereford Cathedral

Hereford, UK

“(...) the soloist (...) Elizabeth Llewellyn whose radiant soprano both soared effortlessly and floated with sublime gentleness, luxuriantly bathed in a kaleidoscope of instrumental textures and colours. Martinsson uses a large orchestra, including piano, harp and celeste which add a magical and ethereal dimension at times. He’s a skilful orchestrator, though, and just as the voice is never overwhelmed, so the instrumental fabric always works with rather than against the voice, as Martinsson crafts onomatopoeic images and fervent emotional landscapes (...); the orchestration is meticulous and at times masterly, the lyricism beguiling (...)

Rolf Martinsson is represented by Gehrmans Musikförlag

Photography by Louise Martinsson and video by Tord Martinsson

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