Satisfaction to Music Lovers

Polish reviewer / MULTIKULTI PROJECT

Aug 3, 2019


The craftsmanship of Rolf Martinsson’s compositions can be described as exuberant, picturesque, delicious, multicoloured. A romantic aura, ecstatic culminations, colourful instrumentation, the splendor of virtuosity, have provided an international fame to his works.

Martinsson's "Garden of Devotion", on the one hand drawing on the tradition of Scandinavian symphonic music, on the other hand striving towards a meditative structure, is a poignant story of love and sadness - both inseparably connected. The composition is expressive in its character, which is rare in the contemporary symphonic music, as well as extremely sophisticated in terms of instrumentation, giving a lot of satisfaction to music lovers.

Rolf Martinsson is represented by Gehrmans Musikförlag

Photography by Louise Martinsson and video by Tord Martinsson

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